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Category D only goes to the stadium (home or away) for European matches and seems to have put aside the differences with the former residents of Virage Auteuil (they were notably seen fighting alongside Karsud and of certain members of the K-Soce Team against foreign supporters on the days of PSG's European matches). We then witnessed a union of groups from Auteuil still active (K-Soce Team, Microbes 2006 and Karsud) and other protest groups formed after the implementation of the Leproux Plan bringing together former subscribers from all platforms of the Parc des Princes (Freedom for Subscribers, Nautecia, Le Combat Continue, Lista Nera Paris, Parias Cohortis) or 600 to 700 people in total. “Parias Cohortis” (2013) which is a group of former members of Virage Auteuil. Some of the Virage Auteuil and stand G subscribers spontaneously remain in their seats and refuse to leave the premises.

Quickly becoming official in the eyes of Paris Saint-Germain, the Authentiks have experienced quite impressive progress in a few years (number of members, activities, equipment, etc.) under the wing of Virage Auteuil and more particularly the Supras with whom they maintain close ties. excellent relations. Bringing together supporters of Virage Auteuil and Kop of Boulogne who did not belong to any core group, it will organize, alongside certain Auteuil associations still active (Karsud, K-Soce Team and Microbes Paris), counter parks (grouping of away supporters outside the area predestined for visiting supporters) for several years. In the 75th minute, dozens of smoke bombs were lit at Virage Auteuil and thrown onto the pitch. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the passageways of the Auteuil bend are repainted in the colors of the different groups forming the CUP. It should be noted that they are also more and more present during the latest confrontations: a strong solidarity between the Authentiks and the Supras Auteuil exists, somewhat sidelining the Lutèce Falco, often neutral in these sad events. The Authentiks (ATKS) and Puissance Paris (PSP) operate on the Auteuil associative model, namely that they follow the “ultra” Italian trend: continuous singing, pyrotechnics, tarpaulin visible at home and outside, flag, tifo, etc., and their composition is largely cosmopolitan.

After unsuccessful attempts in red I, then in red H, the members of this group took over stand G red but did not experience the same progress as their neighbors upstairs, the Authentiks. The sports director, Leonardo, responded curtly through the media: “We didn't like his statement. This has already manifested itself several times since the start of the season: a failed fight between Parisian hooligans and Lyon supporters before the PSG-OL match in September, recent appearance of Kop of Boulogne stickers in the stand, psg shirt and the attack by ex-KOB hooligans against the Paname Rebirth group during which racist insults were uttered by the attackers who symbolically stole the group's tarpaulin. It would later become an ultra group and would open up to new members who had not subscribed to the stadium. Block Parisii: The Block Parisii is the main active supporter group of the Tribune Boulogne, it was created in 2017. From the start of the 2019-2020 season until November 12, 2021, there are just over 170 supporters in Boulogne Bleu, access 327-328. This number rises to just over 200 supporters at the start of the 2021-2022 season. From 2017 to 2021, they are not officially “recognized” by the club but had obtained the right to bring in flags, psg jersey megaphones and drums.

The arrival of several young players like Didier Deschamps is not enough to balance out the departures; moreover Burruchaga is seriously injured and is sidelined. ". This decision aims to strengthen the U19 team which “will become the major horizon for young players in training, before their hoped-for transition to the professional group. These actions make the Collective known to the general public, which has more than a thousand members at the end of the 2015-2016 season. On October 1, 2016, after several months of internal negotiations, the Paris prefecture authorized around a hundred members of the group to enter the Virage Auteuil during the reception of Bordeaux (2-0), while however blocking certain leaders at the entrance to the stadium. On December 10, 2022, following numerous acts of violence over several years, the ultra group “Ferveur parisienne” (formerly “Porte 411”), bringing together some of the former Microbes 2006, was dissolved.

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